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Expressing Feelings Through the Healing Power of Art

The ART for Veterans project brings creative and healing support to our veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. We also welcome veterans from other conflicts and wars to participate with us.

ART for veterans is a project of Flags Across The Nation, a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Flags Across The Nation (FLAGS) has been promoting patriotism through the arts since 9/11/2001.

ART for Veterans provides veterans with free art materials, art lessons, and art space. We believe that in the process of creating art, healing can take place.

Free painting and drawing classes are being offered to veterans in Mecklenburg/Union county areas, North Carolina. Veterans can participate in on-going weekly art sessions that meet once a week for 3 hours. If you are a veteran, you will have the opportunity to express your feelings through the use of drawing and painting techniques. All art supplies will be provided for you to use. 

We want to support veterans in healing through art; to find a way to visualize inner thoughts and feelings.

What is art? Art as defined in a Google search is “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.”

But art is so much more than that. At FLAGS we know that art is an expression of feelings, of spirit, of the depth of the human being. Art is a way to visually express a journey of healing. Art is also an end result, the creating of a painting or drawing, a piece to hang on your wall.

ART for Veterans is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for veterans to create from their hearts.

All supplies, lessons and art space is free for veterans. It’s our gift to you from Flags Across The Nation and sponsors. We want to thank you for all of your dedication and sacrifices.

Explore the possibilities with ART for Veterans – North Carolina – call 704-962-1868.