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Letters to the Troops

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Letters To The Troops

FLAGS Across The Nation Letter to the TroopsParents, Teachers, Children and Patriots of all ages, write letters and we will send them to our troops.

Show you care with words that matter to you!

For Children: Color the American Flag and write your thoughts, here are some ideas:

“Thank you”
“You’re my hero”
“I love you”
“Thinking about you”

For Older Children and Adults write letters about yourself, poetry, words of praise, words of wisdom, words of friendship.

FLAGS Across The Nation Letter to the Troops

Click to download Letters Template

Download our FLAG template It’s OK to reproduce.

1. Download the flag template and print on quality paper
2. Color the American Flag
3. Write a letter of appreciation and warmth to our troops
4. Put your first name on the front. No last names or addresses
5. Get friends to write letters too
6. Please don’t send letters that are torn, crumpled or folded. Think neat!
7. Include a donation of $10 or more to help FLAGS cover postage
8. Mail your letters to Flags Across The Nation Headquarters

FLAGS Across The Nation
P. O. Box 78995
Charlotte, NC 28271-7045

We send these letters to our deployed troops and wounded soldiers. If you have 100’s of letters, ask us about drop shipping directly to the troops.